BACK-ON 2 new singles

August 31, 2007

On September 19th, BACK-ON will release two singles, Flower and Butterfly. Flower is their 2nd end theme used for the anime Eyeshield 21 and has a r&b flavor with a pretty sweet violin in the background. Butterfly goes back to their more expected rap/rock sound with some dance elements to it. This single is the end theme for the TV drama Shinjuku Swan. Why couldn’t they save us money and release it on the same cd like they’ve done before? Who knows.



  1. Heh, good point about releasing the songs on just one single, but I guess it’s an opportunity for them to showcase the two different styles? Not every Eyeshield 21/pop fan will like Butterfly, and vice versa perhaps.

  2. yay! that’s today! i’m so excite! i can’ wait to hear all the songs!

    (side note) O.O whoa, Flick! you’re everywhere! lolz, you posted on my lj too… ^o^

  3. Yep, Flick is the only one who has ever commented on this blog twice.

    I finally got the chance to listen to both singles and they’re both awesome.

  4. I feel stalkerish now 😛 It’s refreshing to visit other sites that promote Back-on! I really like both singles as well, but am not really sure which is my favourite yet 😉

  5. you can download all their albums here
    full discography.

    best one still has to be butterfly, chain, and new world for me 8)

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