Polysics album out today!

October 9, 2007

Polysics debut album for Myspace Records comes out today! Polysics or Die!!!! Vista can be streamed in it’s entirity on their myspace.

1. Electric Surfin’ Go Go
2. New Wave Jacket (Reform)
3. Baby Bias
4. Go Ahead Now!
5. Kaja Kaja Goo
6. I My Me Mine
7. You-You-You
8. Catch On Everywhere
9. Coelakanth Is Android
10. My Sharona
11. Black Out Fall Out
12. Shizuka Is A Machine Doctor
13. Tei! Tei! Tei!
14. Each Life Each End
15. New Wave Hotline
16. Peach Pie On The Beach


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