purpleSKY- it does exist!

November 6, 2007

So, over the weekend I stopped by the Hot Topic in my mall to look for some new band t-shirts. Sadly, I haven’t found a good one there in years but I did find purpleSKY! I haven’t gotten around to reading many articles but it’s pretty cool so far. There’s a lot of visual kei coverage but I assume that was because they interviewed just about everyone from the Jrock Revolution festival. The album reviews are nice even though the Beat Crusaders review for EPopMaking was terrible. The Bleach 03 feature has also got me interested in learning more about the band.

Recently, they released pre-order details on myspace for their Fall 2007 issue. On the cover is the band The Captains whose “best of” album Last Group Sounds in now available to purchase from Tokyo no Records. I received the album last month and was pleasantly surprised by it. Highly recommended. More details about this issue’s content is available on their myspace.



  1. Your so awsome you found a Purplesky magazine on Miyaviiiiii! Kick ass! Where did you find it Hot topics? I’v looked at Hot topicsmagazines and really haven’t been seeing any Jrock magazines lately.

  2. In the magazine section. They have long since sold out. The magazine ceased publication the beginning of this year.

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