December 13, 2007

So I guess I was emailed this for a reason.  HearJapan is a new digital music store that exclusively sells Japanese music for English speaking audiences.  According to the press release, all mp3s are LAME V1 encoded, DRM free, and cost 100-150 yen per song.  Each artist will receive a band profile, concert information, album information, and a “news” section.  You will also be able to download albums at midnight the day they are released in Japan.  Here is a sample pic of Vidoll’s profile.  Here is a sample pic of D’espairsRay’s album page.  Currently, the site is still in Beta.  It should go live in a few days.



  1. How do we sign up? Sounds pretty interesting.

  2. good question. I have no idea. I imagine once the kinks are all worked out the site will go live and anyone can sign up.

  3. To register, go here:
    and use this coupon code: BETA-001

  4. Thanks Nathan. I signed up the other day.

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