Gackt Goes Hollywood

April 27, 2008

According to this article, Gackt will make his Hollywood debut in 2009. Bunraku is directed by Guy Moshe and stars Josh Hartnett and Demi Moore. The IMDB page lists Gackt Camui as playing Yoshi.



  1. Damn, Gackt is me favorite artist, but I hate Hollywood…

  2. yay finally be able to see on tv ^^

  3. shaaaaaaaaaaa lo unico que puedo desir de gackt es que es un chico estupendo y canta de maravilla todas pero todas sus canciones me encantan bueno chao

  4. He is perfect!!!

    I love you ♥

    Eu te amo ♥

    Te amo ♥

  5. Gackt .. ^^”
    Mwah , he’s so cute, awesome and .. kawaii xD

    Kochamy Cię śliczna dupo XD”

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