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ELLEGARDEN on indefinite hiatus

May 26, 2008

I stumbled on this while browsing myspace today. I’m not sure when this was posted but definitely during the last 1-2 weeks:

“ELLEGARDEN has been in the process of creating a new album since last year, however, during the band’s activities, there arose a difference in opinion regarding the motivation for creating a new album. We no longer feel we are able to create an album that we would be satisfied with, and after much discussion we arrived at the conclusion to end the creation of the album and suspend the band’s activities indefinitely.
All previously decided shows (including shows not yet announced) up until early September 2008 will still be performed.

We want to thank everyone who has supported ELLEGARDEN from the bottom of our hearts.
In order to once again create new music as ELLEGARDEN, each of us wants to work on our own personal growth and development.
Thank you for everything.

ELLEGARDEN Leader, Shinichi Ubukata”

CD Japan just put up a listing for an ELLEGARDEN “best of,” which is never a good sign, this morning. ELLEGARDEN BEST (1999-2008 ) will come out July 2nd and contain 21 tracks. An unfitting name as they haven’t released a damn thing since 2006. Looks like these guys are slowly going the way of Blink 182…