Artist Spotlight: THE PREDATORS

October 20, 2008

Just as BEAT CRUSADERS fans don’t know Toru Hidaka has an acoustic side project named GALLOW, it seems fans of the pillows don’t realize Sawao Yamanaka has his own side project THE PREDATORS.  The members came together in 2004 when JIRO from GLAY covered “Sad Sad Kiddie” on the pillows tribute album Synchronized Rockers.  During the recording, the two met up with Shinpei Nakayama from Straightener and formed the J-Rock supergroup THE PREDATORS. They released two mini-albums, Hunting!!!! in July 2005, and Kiba wo Misero in October 2008.  Kiba wo Misero will be released on iTunes on October 28.

Stylistically, THE PREDATORS doesn’t sound that much different than the pillows.  They list Nirvanva as an influence and dedicate a song to The Ramones “C.R.S. (Come on Ramones Song)” on their latest mini-album.

Vocal,Guitar : SAWAO YAMANAKA (the pillows)
Bass : JIRO (GLAY)


“Shoot the Moon”

more videos after the jump.

“Rock’n’roll Lay Down”

“Live Drive”

“Bakuon Drop”


  1. […] case you missed my Artist Spotlight, The Predators is the side project of Sawao Yamanaka of the pillows, JIRO of GLAY, and Shinpei […]

  2. i love your blog! hehe. the pillows are awesome.. so is sxsw japan nite~~

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