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Omodaka is creepy

July 23, 2009

Despite my modest love for chiptune, I have cleverly avoided Omodaka.  Until now.  There’s just so much wrong in this video.  The hockey mask and traditional Japanese clothing.  The way he cocks his head while holding up the microfone to his laptop.  The way he strokes his gameboy like a delicate woman… But I can’t stop watching.  I must have seen this video a dozen times today.

Unfortunately, I missed my chance to see him live in Chicago at Japan Nite.  Omodaka is also known for his trippy music videos, but I would love to see a straight up concert of his on DVD.

Omodaka goodies can be found at HearJapan and Amazon MP3.  I would love to hear some on this stuff on vinyl, or even CD, but it looks like that’s not going to happen.

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