J-Rock Fridays Vol. 5

October 16, 2009

Welcome back to the second part of October release madness.  The last column was actually the most viewed J-Rock Fridays column so far (but still no comments).  I will probably continue featuring upcoming releases in future columns, but try not to be so obvious about it.  While I’m here, I would like to thank indiesmusic.com for being an excellent source for upcoming release information and music videos.

The Mirraz- “check it out!check it out!check it out!check it out!”

This is a rather low-budget video, likely made by the band themselves, parodying the local news.  It probably wouldn’t work if the song wasn’t so catchy.  They remind me of a punker version of BACK-ON.  The second album Necessary Evil came out this week and it’s a lot of fun.


riddim saunter- “Sweet & Still”

Anyone remember when this band had crazy synthesizers and punk rock choruses? Yeah, they’re way mellow now.  They decided flutes and violins better fit their style.  This is a rather pleasant, chill song and a humorous video.  I love how the lead singer runs around town with a “FUCK YEAH” t-shirt.  Their third album Days Lead comes out next week.


serial TV drama- “Space Opera”

With the liberal use of the word “Oi!” and epic guitar solos, serial TV drama is bound to be the next act to climb out of the indie scene.  Another good band from UK.PROJECT, who gave us BIGMAMA, the telephones, Karen, Vola & The Oriental Machine, and Ogre You Asshole.


the pillows- “Your Order”

I wasn’t a fan of the first single off Ooparts “Ameagari ni mita Maboroshi,” but “Your Order” fit the bill.  This is another stop-motion animated PV from the band.  Some pretty abstract stuff here, but a fun video.


Starboard- “ワールド・サーフ”

This is a neat video.  It reminds me of avenger’s in sci-fi’s PV for “Homosapiens Experience” with the band playing in triangle formation and green-screened cool stuff in the background.


Local Sound Style- “Carry On”

“Carry On” is the first single from Local Sound Style’s second album Hope due out the end of the month.  It’s your standard performance video with epic zooms of the band members and headlights randomly going off in the background.  There’s plenty of pop-punk bands that sing in English in Japan, but LSS is a step above the rest.  They list The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World as influences.


your gold, my pink- “Are You Sensitive?”

Now this is a more fascinating performance video.  It starts off more artistic but just ends with a party.  This is off their debut mini-album parade due out later this month from UK.PROJECT.


That’s it for this week.  The guy’s from perfect piano lesson have a new album out next week, but their PV was MIA this morning.  Next column will be devoted to spooky and horrifying videos for Halloween!

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  1. […] To celebrate the recent release of Riddim Saunter’s latest album, Days Lead, here’s “Sweet & Still”. The band’s signature sound and Hiroto Homma’s flute are accompanied by “The Riddim Saunter Orchestra” and it’s all indeed quite sweet and chill. Also, got to love vocalist Keishi Tanaka’s “FUCK YEAH” t-shirt, as is said over at J-Rock Explosion. […]

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