J-Rock Fridays Vol. 8

November 27, 2009

Here I am on Black Friday giving you your (bi)weekly dose of Japanese music videos.  If UPS didn’t give me the night off I probably would’ve forgot altogether, but luckily I started a draft several weeks ago.  The winners of last week’s poll were ar, BIGMAMA, and FREAKYFROG.  I decided to keep with the polls so you’ll find a new one at the end of this column.

Liaroid Cinema- “Yellow”

This was supposed to be my featured video of the week, but as it turns out I have nothing to say about it.  Put them on the list of screamo bands like Nature Living and when the leaf seared who could be big in America if they tried. (myspace)

sleepy.ab- “Mellow”

Leave it to sleepy.ab to name their songs after the emotions they evoke.  Unfortunately, YouTube cuts it after after 3 minutes, but you can watch the rest on myspace where it was voted video of the month by Space Shower TV (21,000 views and counting!). (myspace)

Overground Acoustic Underground- “New Tale”

Just like last week, here’s another Japanese band fronted by a random white dude.  This time it’s folk music. Luckily Martin lets Toshi-Low share vocals with him on this track.  It provides a nice contrast. (myspace)

Redemption 97- “Precious Thing”

Ska isn’t represented very well in the Japanese music scene.  So here you go.  The singer looks like Negishi from Detroit Metal City.  (myspace)

ジルバ- “デーマゴーグ”

Once I got past “this video is generic as hell, why does it look like my blog’s banner image,” it turned into a really fun song.  I think the band’s name translates into Jitterbug but I’m not sure.  Awesome album cover by the way.  (myspace)

For A Reason- “Best Kept Secrets”

Any band that lists Lagwagon and The Ataris deserves a spot on this column.  Most epic hardcore breakdown halfway through the song.  (myspace)

My Autumn Rain-“アスタリスク”

This song kind of sucks, but the video was beautifully shot.  I like the idea of a man made of leaves setting himself on fire.  Very existential.  (myspace)


Pick your top 3 bands/videos of the week:

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