J-Rock Fridays Vol. 9

December 11, 2009

In the last week, I have begun the epic task of organizing my computer’s “Downloads” folder.  That means  finding a lot of stuff I haven’t even listened to so that I can start preparing my end of the year list.  I still have a couple of hundred things to go through so forgive me.  The winner of last week’s poll was sleepy.ab with Overground Acoustic Underground a point behind (I’m starting to sense a pattern here).  This week we have 10 new videos from FACT, toe, winnie, and more…

1000say- “Holy Rain”

I’ve said this before, but 1000say remind me of school food punishment.  Except now that school food punishment has become a shit pop band (thanks, Sony!), 1000say is the only good synth-pop band left.  “Holy Rain” is a lot of fun.  It’s like I stepped back in the 80s for a few minutes.  I can’t wait to get my hands on their new mini-album Lightning Amplifier.  (myspace)

FACT- “Slip of the lip”

I like this song a lot.  Probably more than “A fact of life.”  I’m still shocked that they have a new album coming out next month already.  Anyway, the first minute of this video is pointless.  It shows the birth of a Power Ranger monster formed out the band member’s masks.  Then the monster runs around town for a few minutes until BOOM.  (myspace)

toe- “After Image”

I love you toe, but these kind of videos annoy the crap out of me.  If you want to see a scraggly-head man cook eel in slow motion then be my guest.  Otherwise, it’s a fine song featuring the girl from Clammbon on vocals.  (myspace)

avenger’s in sci-fi- “Universe Universe”

The avengers strike back with a new PV from their new mini-album.  The video is much like their last, the band playing in triangle formation on top of a pyramid while random shit flashes in the background.  The apes look like something out of Xavier: Renegade Angel.  (myspace)

winnie- “winner”

Winnie will finally bring out their debut album next week.  Unfortunately, this one isn’t a “winner.”  It’s very average.  And I can’t understand a word they’re saying.  How is it that a band’s English gets WORSE over time?  (myspace)

nothing ever lasts- “Good News”

“Hey, another band with a random white dude.  Are you going to do this every week?”  Maybe!  This guy’s Japanese isn’t that bad, actually.  At least as good as Scott Murphy’s.  (myspace)

Kuroneko Chellsea- “廃人のロックンロール”

More garage rock from Japan.  This would fit nicely on Tokyo no Records’ lineup.  The video is nice, it reminds me of The House on Haunted Hill for some reason.  (myspace)

99RadioService- “Follow Her Dog”

I wasn’t expecting much from a song called “Follow Her Dog,” but it was very sweet.  Kind of like a mixture of The Beatles and the telephones.  Strangely enough, there’s no dog in this video, which makes me sad.  (myspace)

BlieAN- “morgof”

These three men couldn’t look any more bored.  But that’s cool.  The closeups on the singer’s face are hilarious.  After watching some of their other videos, I would be on the lookout for this band.  (myspace)

wooderd chiarie- “オルフォイス”

And finally we come to our last video.  I wouldn’t say it’s eventful (it takes him 2 minutes to get off his damn seat!), but once again it’s a pleasant song.  (myspace)


I didn’t plan this, but the next scheduled J-Rock Fridays column falls on Christmas Day.  I haven’t decided whether or not to do Christmas videos or the same old.  Believe it or not, it’s rather difficult find J-Rock Christmas songs.  In the meantime, vote for your top 3 bands/videos of the week:

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  1. +win on 1000say, avengers, & BlieAN. avengers’ new EP is full-force rockin’ and word up on the 1000say/school food punishment commentary (talking silly is fun ^^)

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