J-Rock Fridays Vol. 10

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas.

Nicotine- “Last Christmas”

I posted this last year, but who cares.  Here’s a little holiday cheer from the Nicotine boys.  Note: drugs are bad for you.  (myspace)

Asobi Seksu- “Merry Christmas”

Here’s Asobi Seksu’s cover of The Ramones’ classic.  Shoegaze version can be found here.  (myspace)

ELLEGARDEN- “Santa Claus (Live)”

So, who still believes in Santa?  There’s a part of me that never believed.  Probably because I saw my mom stuff presents under the tree before I went to bed.  (myspace)

the pillows- “Jinguru Beru ga kikoeru”

Here’s an oldie from the pillows.  “I can hear jingle bells!”  (myspace)

Hong Kong in the 60s- “Winter Symphony”

This is kind of a sad song, originally performed by The Beach Boys.  You can find it for free on the wiaiwya compilation.  (myspace)

L’Arc~en~ciel- “Hurry X’Mas”

I’ve grown to hate L’Arc~en~ciel, but this was the only video I could find with cigar-smoking Sandy Claws.

Ryuichi Sakamoto- “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”

Let’s end this with one of the more popular Christmas songs from Japan.  Both Utada Hikaru and FACT sampled “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” on their latest albums.  I was kind of surprised the original didn’t have lyrics, silly me.


No poll this week.  I hope you all have a peaceful holiday season.

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