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New Years Resolutions 2010

January 6, 2010

I guess it’s time to come back.  Welcome to 2010, heading in to the third year of J-Rock Explosion.  And although J-Rock Explosion still hasn’t made a dent in the J-Rock blogosphere, I still made some goals for myself.  I wouldn’t set these in stone yet, but I’ll ponder them:

  • This Month in J-Rock– I hope to bring this back next week in time for my “Best of 2009” coverage.
  • Artist Spotlight/myspace band of the week– I kept up with myspace band of the week for a couple of months and quit Artist Spotlight after one, but I hope to put these back on track for the new year.
  • Exclusive stuff– Exclusive interviews and downloads would be nice.
  • Go to concerts– I hate crowds and driving to the city is always a hassle, but I’d like to be able to get out once in a while to see my favorite bands. I would especially like to see Polysics next month in Chicago.  It will be Kayo’s last performance with the band so it might be my last chance.  And of course if I go to Anime Central this year I’ll see however’s playing.
  • Have a more professional website– It would be cool to have the phrase “web master” on my resume.  I don’t have enough readers or the money to make this blog a legit website.  I would also hate to go into it alone.
  • Make money– I do have a degree in Communications.  I would like to make money on my writing someday.

So there’s my list. In terms of my personal life, it’s the same as every year: lose weight, make money, find myself a nice girl.  Maybe not in the same order.  Have a nice day.