February 1, 2010

myspace band of the week

GALLOW is one of those bands that I’m shocked no one has heard of.  Why is that?  It’s the “neo-acoustic” side-project of Toru Hidaka of BEAT CRUSADERS fame.

GALLOW is essentially a revamp of Pesela-Quesela-In, Hidaka’s side project with thai (ex-BEAT CRUSADERS) that released one album in 2002.  That same year GALLOW formed.  Likewise, GALLOW has had a rotating cast of current and past BEAT CRUSADERS members, most notably kato and Yukio Iwahara.  Their first album Parkest! was released in 2006 and kato left the year after that.  Their next album Too Virgin!! was released in 2008 and Iwahara left the year after that.  GALLOW is yet again Hidaka’s solo project.

Hidaka describes his music as a “mixture of black music & white music with Asian feelings.”  As lame as that sounds, I do feel a heavy influence of 60s and 70s pop music.  Although sometimes GALLOW really does just sound like an acoustic version of BEAT CRUSADERS, even using the exact same electronic horns and whistles in some of their songs.  GALLOW is at its best when Hidaka shuts up and gives Iwahara the limelight.  I don’t know how far Hidaka will take this project by himself, but there are two new songs on myspace with “now printing” in the description box so we shall soon see.




  1. Hi, I came here by chance, and I found all this information about Beat Crusaders (Hidaka). I’m a big fan of them / him!
    Here in Argentina get very little of them, is hard being a fan LOL. So thank you for all information. You have a very good blog (:
    Greetings from Argentina!

  2. Hi!

    Do you know where can I find GALLOW´s music, I would like to lisen it!

    • I bought one of their CDs on ebay

      • ok, tks for your comment.

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