Shame on you, Pepsi

February 25, 2010

Why does this look familiar?



  1. Those were my thoughts EXACTLY. Somebody showed me the SOUR PV a while back and I thought “wow, neat.” Then around comes the Pepsi commercial and I’m like “… oh.”

    To be fair, I’m pretty sure similar things have been done in the past, so it might not be fair to say this is a blatant ripoff, butttt… the inspiration had to come from somewhere!

    • It’s pretty clear the makers of the Pepsi commercial were inspired by SOUR imo. I wouldn’t mind if they at least used “hibi no neiro” in their commercial, but using the Black Eyed @#$%ing Peas instead is the ultimate insult. If Mountain Dew wasn’t so damn delicious I would ban Pepsi.

      • Oh, y’know… watched the Pepsi commercial and realized it wasn’t the one I was thinking of (I guess they have a short version on TV, or something). You’re right–this is reeeeeeeeeally similar. Hrm…

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