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March 2, 2010

myspace band of the week

Nego is a jam/post-rock band that formed in February 2008 when Mukaiyama Toshitaka left sgt. Ever since they have preformed rigorously around Japan and released their first single Imperial Dub in 2009.  Their first album Dub Phalanx was released in Februray 2010.

At first listen, nego sounds like a cross between the last sgt. album, a Rastafarian band, and a jazz festival.  The previews for their latest album Dub Phalanx are kind of weird. But later on, it becomes familiar.  A lot of these songs sound like sgt. I guess that should come as no surprise considering Mukaiyama played guitar with sgt. from 2003-2008.  The main difference between the two bands is nego’s jazzier, sometime uplifting, take on some songs and the use of bongos.  Not to say that nego can’t make a dark, brooding post-rock tune in the vain of Mono.  Dub Phalanx is kind of hard to find and is unavailable to purchase on my usuals.

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