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June 8, 2010

myspace band of the week

Put on your favorite sweater-vest and throw your guitar in the air it’s time for an indie-pop hoedown.

If you’re into indie-pop bands with a hint of piano you’ll probably love whiteroom.  “In My Life” leads off their myspace with an instrumental tune that’s both peaceful and nostalgic.  The lyrics to “In Your Life” are simple, but catchy and hopeful. It’s bound to be a youth anthem someday.  “A picture perfect” is  more mainstream pop-rock while “Lasting Moment” is almost garage rock.  The last song we get is “Red House.” It’s a quiet acoustic song that is again peaceful and nostalgic.  Whiteroom should have a bright future.

Whiteroom formed around 2003 and have been unsigned ever since.  According to their website, they have released two albums, both appropriately titled Unique (heh).  Naturally, a web search of  “white room unique” yielded no pertinent results.  I did manage to find a diskunion link on their blog, though.

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