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September 29, 2010

myspace band of the week

BiidoRo (ビイドロ) formed in 2000 as the home-recording project of singer/songwriter Takashi Aoyagi.  The lineup has changed over the years, including ex-Quruli member Nobuyuki Mori.  Since then the band has become a three-piece active in Chiba and Tokyo.  They have released 3 singles and 4 albums through PTA and P-Vine, the latest being 2009’s King of Nonsense.

They play that special blend of indie rock that is perfect for the fall weather.  Aoyagi’s vocals can be playful as in “Penguin in Antartica” or shoegazey as in “Moonlight.”  The band explains their music as “a beautiful melody and a performance that keeps free and is delicate. A transparent word echos in the music, and it makes your head become numb.”  No wonder they write songs about staring at themselves from the moon.

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