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Byousatsu Endorphin

October 6, 2010

myspace band of the week

Thrashy thrash thrash band Byousatsu Endorphin (秒殺エンドルフィン) hails from the prefecture of Osaka.  They formed in 2006 and have a cardboard box with sharpie mouth and eyeholes for a mascot.  You can watch the guys goof off with it in the PV for “iPod is hot.”  They are signed to Tasty Records and their first album 21ideas, useless of business came out in 2009.

All of their songs on myspace are under one and a half minutes long and I imagine the rest are the same.   But I guess it doesn’t take long to get the point of “fuck the bread, eat rice” across.  “Rub His Magical Rump” probably has humorous lyrics as well.  It’s so fast who could tell.  Byousatsu Endorphin packs a lot of power in a short time.  For fans of  BBQ Chickens, Idol Punch, and Fuck You Heroes.

Download 21ideas, useless of business on Amazon MP3 or HearJapan.

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