J-Rock Fridays Vol. 33

November 12, 2010

So after last week’s Halloween excursion (which had a low turnout—last time I’m doing anything special), I had a surplus of videos.  Maybe they’ll spill into next week, cause I’m tired.

noughts and exes- “The Start Of Us”

Noughts and exes adapt a childhood art-class assignment for the title-track of their sophomore album.  It’s somewhat unsettling but strangely fits this beautiful track.  Let’s hope Pepsi doesn’t get wind of this.

myspace.com/noughtsandexes Buy @ bandcamp, their website

sleepy.ab- “Kakurenbo”

“Kakurenbo” fits the autumn atmosphere just fine, even though it shares its name with a strange anime about kids who wear masks and disappear.   The video has colorful paper mache owls and woodland creatures that reminds me of Bambi.

myspace.com/sleepyab Buy @ CD Japan, Play-Asia


I don’t know what MEANING is on, but I’ve had my record player for a few years now and smoke never billowed out from it.  If you look carefully through the smoke you can see Yuichi from Ellegarden on bass.

myspace.com/meaning666 Buy @ CD Japan

Ghost Cries- “Requiem”

I’m not big on the whole female-screaming-her-lungs out thing, but boy does this girl have a neverending knot of angst in her stomach.  Also, neat coffins.


Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- “Love at First Sight”

Fear and Loathing has a way of making chaos sound like Disneyland.


Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai- デリシャスティック

I have a feeling they’re trying to sell us some liquid in tube form.

myspace.com/uchikubi Buy @ CD Japan, Play-Asia

Vola & The Oriental Machine- “Flag”

Vola decided to finally make a proper PV for “Flag.”  There’s a samurai sword and a man in a sequence jumpsuit.

myspace.com/volaofficial Buy @ CD Japan, Play-Asia

Peelander-Z- “Taco, Taco, Tacos!!”

Oh, Peelanders.  I just had pizza.  Why must you taunt me with Mexican?

myspace.com/peelanderz Buy @ Amazon.com, MP3

locofrank- “Birth”

“Birth” is a bit more laidback than I remember locofrank.  Enjoy a tour van view of the band.

myspace.com/locofrank Buy @ CD Japan

Goggle-A- 青春野郎に気をつけろ

Lai-lai-lai.  Have Google-A been watching The Fiddler on the Roof?  “Watch out for the young guys” is a fun video.

myspace.com/gogglea Buy @ CD Japan

Sonic Attacks Blaster- 鉄を叩けば命が響く

I never saw a drummer pound the sticks with a steel baseball bat.  Intersperse that with manly shots of the band’s ripped singer and you successfully held my attention for three minutes.

myspace.com/sonicattacksblaster Buy @ CD Japan

Takeuchi Denki- 冬のファンタジー

Takeuchi Denki’s winter fantasy is more like a wet fantasy.  Oh how I long for the day I can hold my umbrella for a pretty girl.

takeuchidenki.com Buy @ CD Japan


Apparently, Man With A Mission was your favorite masked band.  Choose your three favorite regular bands this week.


  1. Peelander Z is playing in Chapel Hill on Sunday with Tsu shi Ma Mi Re. Should be a great show.

    • Have fun old fart 😉

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