J-Rock Fridays Vol. 34

November 26, 2010

Ultra late Black Friday edition!


I’m not sure this is the kind of rock I would listen to if I drank sake, but that trombone is awesome.

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the pillows- “Movement”

Mr. Yamanaka looks like he has to go wee in that video still.  Nothing exciting here, the same tune they’ve been turning in the past 20+ years.

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DRINKPED- “Good Kennedys”

Drinkped turned in a nice dancy tune.  And they’re not wearing drag like in that other video.

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2side1BRAIN- “Wake Up My Emerald”

Hard rock made this girl’s soul find her body.


The Unique Star- センチメンタリー

The Unique Star has a thing for cubism and betafish.  I bought a betafish once.  It was dead when I woke up the next morning.  I want my dollar back science club!

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[Champagne]- “You’re So Sweet & I Love You”

I don’t know how playing in an abandoned factory and/or church is supposed to prove that I’m sweet and that you love me, but that lemon to the eye at the end made up for it.

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arukara- キャッチーを科学する

If I had that much fun with the periodic table of elements I wouldn’t have failed Chemistry.

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Water Closet- “Let’s Just Rock”

Okay, I’m rocking!

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REAL REACH- “Viblation”

Actually the song is called “Vibration.”  They are in elation to give this PV to you.

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dry river string- “Silent, Truth”

This song is too beautiful for J-Rock Fridays.

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broken little sister- “Silence”

BLS just inventing a new genre of music—treegazing



I hope you’ve been voting for your favorite artists. I’ll be counting up the votes in a couple of weeks.

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