Stuff To Look Forward To, February 2011

February 7, 2011

After two months of soul searching I’ve decided that the only way I could keep up with this column is to not blog about it. So from now on all you’re getting are links and maybe a video or two. Sorry! Bolded my top picks in case anyone’s interested.


2/02 aie- Hikarika (myspace, CD Japan)

2/02 FUNKIST- Pieceful (myspace, CD Japan)

2/02 Rotten Graffty- FAMILIARIZE (myspace, CD Japan)

2/02 Sorrys!- Sou Imasugu Sou Zenbu (myspace, Amazon MP3, CD Japan)

2/02 winnie- Synchronized (myspace, CD Japan)

2/04 HNC- Witches Party EP (myspace, Jet Set)

2/08 Hystoic Vein- FAKE (myspace, CD Japan)

2/09 Akihiro Namba- Punk Through The Night (myspace, CD Japan)

2/09 [Champagne]- I wanna go to Hawaii. (myspace, CD Japan)

2/09 Gekitetsu- Geki (myspace, Amazon MP3, CD Japan)

2/09 HALCALI- Tokyo Connection (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/09 V.A.- Second Royal Vol. 6 (CD Japan, Jet Set)

2/15 Asobi Seksu- Fluorescence (myspace, Amazon.com, Polyvinyl, CD Japan)

2/15 Shugo Tokumaru- Port Entropy [US Release] (myspace, Amazon.com, Polyvinyl)

2/16 BACK-ON- Hello World (myspace, CD Japan)

2/16 coldrain- The Enemy Inside (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/16 Galileo Galilei- Parade (myspace, CD Japan)

2/23 Boom Boom Satellites- EXPERIENCED Live DVD (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/23 sleepy.ab- Mother Goose (myspace, CD Japan)

2/23 TsuShiMaMiRe- Giving Blood (myspace, CD Japan)


One comment

  1. I’m only into ROTTENGRAFFTY on a song-by-song basis but my friends who are more into them are raving about the new album.

    Akihiro Namba’s getting high praise too but I can’t stand his pronunciation and for better or for worse he hasn’t been relevant since Hi-STANDARD. I may not like Ken Yokohama as a personality but I give him credit for striking when the iron was hot.

    coldrain I’m sure I’ll be hearing a lot about from my friends but too much screaming for my tastes.

    Great month for indies fans, not so much for punk kids.

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