Stuff To Look Forward To, March 2011

March 10, 2011

March is a big month for J-music. New albums from capsule, FACT, Polysics, Salyu, and uhnellys. Greatest hits albums from Clammbon, Sambomaster, Sotaisei Riron, and new hits from Maximum the Hormone. New super groups killing Boy, If By Yes, and Bradberry Orchestra. My pick of the month goes to sloppy joe’s debut album With Kisses Four, who wowed me with their Portrait 7″ last year.

03/02 the band apart- Scent of August (CD Japan)

03/02 Monobright- Come Together/Dancing Babe (CD Japan)

03/02 Rip Slyme- Star (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/02 SiMoN- Supankoru (myspace, CD Japan)

03/02 Sorry For A Frog- Happy Songs For Our Tomorrow (myspace, CD Japan

03/02 uhnellys- to too two (myspace, CD Japan)

03/02 VA- Free Throw Compilation (CD Japan)

03/09 Holidays of Seventeen- Let There Be Pop (myspace, CD Japan)

03/09 80kidz- Nautilas 7″ (myspace, Jet Set)

03/09 8otto- Ashes to Ashes (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/09 Emi Meyer- Suitcase of Stones (myspace, CD Japan)

03/09 Hotel Mexico- His Jewelled Letter Box (myspace, Amazon.com, CD Japan)

03/09 killing Boy- killing Boy (myspace, CD Japan)

03/09 Mizca- 1925 (CD Japan)

03/09 Polysics- Oh! No! It’s Heavy Polysick!!! (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/09 sloppy joe- With Kisses For (myspace, CD Japan, Jet Set)

03/16 Bradberry Orchestra- Vol. 0 (CD Japan)

03/16 co3 aka FACT- co3 (myspace, CD Japan)

03/16 EMPTY- So What? (myspace, CD Japan)

03/16 FACT- Eat Your Words (myspace, CD Japan)

03/16 group_inou- Heart (myspace, CD Japan)

03/16 Mowmow Lulu Gyaban- BeVeci Calopueno (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/16 sakanaction- Rookie (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/16 VA- GO!GO!7188 Tribute – GO!GO! A GO!GO! (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/16 Versailles- Philia (myspace, CD Japan)

03/22 If By Yes- Salt on Sea Glass (myspace, Amazon.com, CD Japan)

03/23 capsule- Killer Wave (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/23 Maximum the Hormone- Greatest Hits 2011-2011 (myspace, CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/23 Salyu x Salyu- s(o)un(d)beams (CD Japan)

03/23 Sambomaster- Sambomaster Kyukyoku Best (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/23 Sotaisei Riron- Tadashii Sotaisei Riron (CD Japan)

03/29 Dirty Beaches- Badlands (myspace, Amazon.com, Insound)

03/30 Clammbon- clammbon-Columbia best- (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

03/30 Clammbon- clammbon-Warner best- (CD Japan, Play-Asia)


-If you’re new to J-Rock, check out the Free Throw compilation. It has most of my all-time favorites—the telephones, sleepy.ab, avengers in sci-fi, The Brixton Academy, Turntable Films, and more. Two CDs for the price of one!

-Hotel Mexico’s His Jewelled Letter Box is just a jewel case reissue for wide release. One of my favorite EPs last year!

-If By Yes is the only band to get a Japan/US release this month! It’s the new project from Petra Haden (That Dog) and Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto), plus members from the Cornelius band.

-I almost have enough affiliate monies at CD Japan to buy something. What should I get?

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