Kaisoku Tokyo

March 15, 2011

myspace band of the week

Last week a lot of people came to this blog looking for Kaisoku Toukyou. It looks like they’ve changed the romanization of their name to Kaisoku Tokyo since I posted their video on J-Rock Fridays, but at least the name makes sense now. So for shattering my busiest day record I shall grant you band of the week.

Kaisoku Tokyo (快速東京) naturally comes from Tokyo. The four members met as students at Tokyo’s Tama Art University in 2008. They played shows in Kichijoji and made their first big appearance at Fuji Rock Festival in 2010. Their first album Music Station came out January 2011.

There’s four songs on Kaisoku Tokyo’s myspace and they average a minute. Their hard and fast style will lump them in the hardcore punk genre, but according to this Japan Times article they don’t consider themselves hardcore. “To the bitter end we’re a rock and pop band. It’s just that we’re fast and noisy” says vocalist vocalist Tetsumaru Fukuda. Whatever they want to call it, it’s fun to listen to.

Buy Music Station at CD Japan or Play-Asia.


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