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Stuff To Look Forward To, April 2011

April 12, 2011

Back again with another belated Stuff To Look Forward To. It goes without saying March was a tough month for Japan. There were several releases pushed back to late April/May, mostly from the major labels. Unfortunately I haven’t kept tabs on those so you’re on your own.

This month we have new releases from old favorites Doping Panda and The Cherry Coke$ who have finally gotten some attention after their Giant Killing OP. We also have debut albums from myspace band of the week alumni LOST, the loud function, and Usotsuki Barbie. My mini-album pick of the month goes to Shugo Tokumaru’s band Gellers, who have surprisingly gotten little attention outside of our sister blogs. My album pick of the month goes to Vampillia. I got it last week (labels are finally starting to send me stuff!) and have been listening to it non-stop.

4/06 Apartment- Apartopology (CD Japan)
4/06 Kinoko Hotel- Marianne no Kokotsu (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/06 Merengue- Aporia (CD Japan)
4/06 Metron Ongen- Eden (CD Japan)
4/06 NICO Touches The Walls- Passenger (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/06 Plastic Tree- Ammonite (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/06 Usotsuki Barbie- Nininini (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/13 The Cigavettes- The Cigavettes (CD Japan)
4/13 Doping Panda- Yellow Funk (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/13 GEEKS- Babbage (CD Japan)
4/13 LOST- The Monsoon (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/13 Low IQ 01- Master Low Go (CD Japan)
4/13 Salyu x Salyu- s(o)und(d)beams (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/13 STRAIGHTENER- Vandalism/Silly Parade (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/15 Gellers- Guatemala (Jet Set)
4/15 Joseph Nothing Orchestra- Super Earth (Unsupermarket)
4/19 JAWEYE- alpha (CD Japan)
4/19 Vampillia- Rule the World/Deathtiny Land (Amazon)
4/20 The Cherry Coke$- Seven (CD Japan)
4/20 the loud function- world of monochrome (CD Japan)
4/20 Supercar- RE: Supercar 1 (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/27 ANA- Hole (CD Japan)
4/27 Going Under Groud- Inagawa Kun (CD Japan, Play Asia)
4/27 Mo’some Tonebender- Best of Worst (CD Japan, Play-Asia)
4/27 Wagdug Futuristic Unity- Raw (CD Japan)

Also of note, & records just released a benefit comp for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake. Includes Caroline and myspace band of the week alumni 4 Bonjour’s Parties and kuh (ex-Beat Crusaders). 40 tracks for $11.99.

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