June 21, 2011

myspace band of the week

Lidery is a female fronted shoegaze band from Tokyo. The band formed in early 2009 and recorded their first album One that summer. These songs were written by Matsueri. “See the Light” was the first song they wrote as a band. In 2011, Kozo Hibi (violin, piano) joined Lidery making them a six piece.

Their new single “Grandbleu” chimes in with a music box, guitar and vocals gradually added in. Matsueri’s vocals are  pretty, a nice song to wake up to in the morning. “Afterthat..” feels more like a transitional song and abruptly ends. The  preview of  “ソラノキミ ” is short but feels like a standard pop song. “See the Light” starts with a Gregorian-like chant but quickly turns into a shoegazer track. This is the only track in English and the vocals are fairly inspirational. It’s a little longer than it needs to be but is a nice contrast to the more pop oriented “Grandbleau.”

Download “Grandbleu” at CD Baby or the sixty one (free if you register).


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  1. […] that distinction to their resume thanks to “Grandbleu.” J-Rock Explosion wrote about this track first, so props to him because whereas a lot of shoegaze takes the name a bit too literally, this Tokyo […]

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