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3 new Czecho No Republic videos

July 2, 2011

I discovered Czecho No Republic’s new YouTube page too late for last week’s J-Rock Fridays, but it would’ve been tough to pick just one PV. They’ve uploaded three new videos from their new single/EP Casually, which was released early June. “Don’t Cry, Forest Boy” and “Massachusetts” are two of the strongest indie singles of the year, on par with Gellers and Comeback My Daughters.  And the tropical “P.I.C Guam” (All I want is a pint of bear. A pint of beer!) is just goofy fun. There is a fourth song on this single (not named “Casually,”oddly enough), that didn’t get a video. Maybe next time.  Casually is available now at CD Japan and Play-Asia.

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