J-Rock Fridays Vol. 53

September 2, 2011

The_AIU- “CPU”

Put down your video games and check out this new sweet voiced electronic trio.

SAKANAMON- ミュージックプランクトン

If you are a fan of sakanaction you probably know “sakan” means fish. And that’s what we have in SAKANAMON’s video, fish face playing a guitar and generally being silly.

Kuuchuu Loop-  “Stereo”

This strikes me as the kind of PV sakaction would make, if they haven’t already. Excellent LaB LIFe cover regardless.

Ogre You Asshole- ロープ

Psychedelic hippie rock? Not the natural progression I would have expected from this band. To be fair I’ve been reading more “smooth jazz” comments about this album, though. I’ll let you know when my copy arrives…

under-flower- あの日 君と見上げた空は 藍よりも青し

Stumble around with under-flower, who now has Sandy Beach Surf Coaster’s drummer.

mimitto- 道

Prison suits and bunny ears. Excellent getup.

chicken head maker- “PIG MONSTER no STORY”

Bright green jumpsuits! Another excellent getup. Pig monster meets ska.

bonobos- “Go Symphony!”

Bonobos look like baby ducks in their furry costumes.

99RadioService- “Radio”

99RadioService looks on as a stage actress puts on her lonely performance.

Nabowa- つかのま feat. Port of Notes

We’ve been seeing more post rock groups adding vocals to their music lately. But unlike sgt., Nabowa has filled up their album over half way with guest vocal spots. Will the rest be as lovely as Port of Notes?


Band Links:

99RadioService: mypspace, CD Japan

The_AIU: myspace, CD Japan

bonobos: myspace, CD Japan

chicken head maker: myspace

Kuuchuu Loop: myspace, CD Japan

mimitto: web, CD Japan

Nabowa: myspace, CD Japan

Ogre You Asshole: myspace, CD Japan

SAKANAMON: myspace, CD Japan

under-flower: web


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