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BBQ Chickens

October 5, 2011

myspace band of the week

October marks the return of legendary thrash band BBQ Chickens. The original lineup consisted of Hatano (drums), Hongolian (vocals), Iso (bass) and Ken Yokoyama (guitar) who were buddies since childhood. The band formed in 2000 after Yokoyama announced the hiatus of Hi-Standard. They released three albums and won two Space Shower awards for “Sick Guy/Stupid Magazines” and “Pizza of Death’s Theme/Fat Boy.”  BBQ Chickens themselves went on somewhat of a hiatus after their 2003 cover album Fine Songs Playing Sucks, presumably so Yokoyama could focus on his more successful solo career.

BBQ Chickens officially got back together last year. Hatano left to focus on his own band. Their new drummer is Andrew from Rise and Fuck You Heroes. Crossover and Over, which was released today, is BBQ Chickens’ first album in 8 years. Their new video for “Raised Up In Hell/Xie Xie” is classic Chickens. Older songs can be heard on myspace.

Crossover and Over is available at CD Japan. Read the rest of this entry ?