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Hunting Pigeons

November 16, 2011

myspace band of the week

Hunting Pigeons is a four-piece indie rock band from Kobe. Frontman Isseki Shirai was the lead singer of 25m Floater until their breakup in 2005. Isseki then started a solo project, which was later renamed Hunting Pigeons when he stole the rhythm section from his friend’s band. This lineup quit after the recording of the Honeycomb Jukebox album. Joining Isseki now is 25m Floater bandmate Kuniaki Kakusei (bass), Noriaki Takagi (guitar) and Kozo Nakamura (drums).

Honeycomb Jukebox was released on July 6 and is a throwback to 90s college rock. It was entirely self-produced and released on Hunting Pigeons’ self-run label Home Recording Is Killing Music. This label will also release Isseki’s solo project and Sentinels’ new EP later this year. You can pick up Honeycomb Jukebox at CD Japan and all digital outlets.

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Stuff To Look Forward To, November 2011

November 16, 2011

11/01 Between Life And Death- Transience

11/02 10-FEET- Sono Muko e (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 Balloon- Invitation to the Unknown (CD Japan)

11/02 The Cigavettes/Holidays of Seventeen/Quattro- Rock’n Roll Train Disc

11/02 Deathgaze- Useless Sun (CD Japan)

11/02 Egg Brain- 7 Dishes You Wanna Eat (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 The Flickers- Wonderground (Amazon)

11/02 Going Under Ground- Ai Nante (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 golf- Paradise Gang (CD Japan)

11/02 Harvard- Hahvahd (CD Japan)

11/02 Hemenway- Listen (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

11/02 Kaminarigumo- Smash This World (CD Japan)

11/02 Kuroneko Chelsea- Anagura (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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