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Love and Hates

December 21, 2011

myspace band of the week

Love and Hates is a twee/rap duo consisting of Yuppa (HNC) and Moe (Miila and the Geeks). The girls joined up in 2008 as a DJ unit for the fanzine Twee Grrrls Club’s party events.  They self-released a number of cassette tapes through Moe’s label Pit Pony and released their debut album L.A.H. on December 7 on Yuppa’s label White Lily Records.

L.A.H. is a delightful mix of kindergarten hip hop cuteness. You can pick it up at CD Japan or on vinyl at Jet Set Records.

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Stuff To Look Forward To, December 2011

December 21, 2011

The last month of releases for the year. Maybe I’ll be able to put up these lists on time next year! December isn’t the best month to release your music with end of the year lists coming out, but there’s still some good stuff here such as Nujabes’ final album and the debut of supergroups The Dekits and Love and Hates.

12/01 umbrella- Samidare (CD Japan)

12/03 Nujabes- Spiritual State (CD Japan)

12/07 BALZAC- Deranged (CD Japan)

12/07 Black Borders- Rush (CD Japan)

12/07 The Dekits- DE KIT 4 KEY’S (CD Japan)

12/07 EeMu- Nothings (CD Japan)

12/07 FLiP- Hoshii Mono Ha (CD Japan)

12/07 Galileo Galilei- Asu He (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

12/07 Geeks- Punklassic

12/07 HiGe- Soredeha Minasan Yoi Tabi Wo (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

12/07  Left- Kimi to Uchu to Boku no Koe (CD Japan)

12/07 lego big morl- Re: Union (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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