Best of 2011: J-Rock Fridays

January 6, 2012

Last year I asked you to vote for your favorite videos every (other) week on J-Rock Fridays. You didn’t do a very good job, but I did manage to compile a top 10 with your top voted videos and my own. So without further ado…

10. The Flickers- “White Heat”

The Flickers came out of nowhere with “White Heat.” It’s unfortunate they couldn’t keep up the flame on the rest of their mini-album, but I’ll hold this as promise.

9. 6eyes- “Big Saturday Night”

Hookers! “Big Saturday Night” has become my weekend anthem, even though I rarely go out on the weekend or at all really.

8. The_AIU- “CPU”

I bet most boys would love to have Ms. Ratna as their CPU. So sweet.

7. Gellers- “Guatemala”

Shugo Tokumaru is back…with his old band Gellers. I kind of expected this to be a bigger deal, especially with Tokumaru taking vocal reins for the first time in this band. Amusing video nonetheless.

6. the HIATUS- “Deerhounds”

Yes, this does bear a striking resemblance to the live- action Where The Wild Things are film, but that only adds to the nostalgia. If only I had a desert to play in when I was a kid.

5. Comeback My Daughters- “Why”

Who doesn’t love running around New York City? Comeback My Daughters pulls off a perfectly choreographed shaky cam video just in time for their studio practice.

4. blgtz- “Ideology”

Blgtz turns a humorous Three Stooges gag into an ominous foreboding with their aggressive guitars. Just why is this guy getting so many pies to the face and why is he showing no emotion?

3. Gekitetsu- “P.S.”

Zombie infestation at the live house! Gekitetsu can fill a gig with the undead and pull off leopard print pants at the same time.

2. Uzumibi- 溺れる魚

No other video this year captures the beauty of the mundane like Uzumibi’s 溺れる魚. Intertwining stories of love, death, friendship and isolation backed by one of the prettiest tracks of the year.

1. sakanaction- “Rookie”

I didn’t think much of “Rookie” the first time I heard it, but it quickly became my favorite single once DocumentaLy was released. A catchy melody backed by deep electronic pangs that gives the feeling of falling. The PV pulls off that feeling so well in its Twilight Zone type of way with plenty downward plunges into the black abyss, repeated dream sequences and an inescapable conclusion.


More favorites:

AA=- “sTEP COde & Dry Your Tears”

I never got around to reviewing this for J-Rock Fridays, probably because it’s 14 minutes. But what we have his is an interesting short film featuring two tracks and a few interludes from AA=’s new album #3. A lot of paranoia and gas masks.

Suneohair- 期待ハズレの空模様

Nothing beats a good old fashioned fight at the jazz club. Get in on the violence.

Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai- まごパワー

I can’t get enough of these crazy grandparents and grandkids. So excited to see each other!

Other videos you voted for:

0.8秒と衝撃。- 町蔵・町子・破壊 

avengers in sci-fi- “Sonic Fireworks”

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- “Chase the Light!”

hydrant house purport rife on sleepy feat. Ferri- “Bet On Magic”


pocketlife- “Maybe”


the telephones- “A A U U O O O”

The Unique Star- “+Distortion”

white white sisters- “wasted”


Band Links:

6eyes: myspace, CD Japan

AA=: web, CD Japan

The_AIU: myspace, CD Japan

blgtz: myspace, CD Japan

Comeback My Daughters: myspace, CD Japan

The Flickers: myspace

Gekitetsu: myspace, CD Japan

Gellers: myspace, Jet Set

the HIATUS: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

The Novembers: myspace, CD Japan

sakanaction: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Suneohair: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai: myspace

Uzumibi: myspace, CD Japan

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