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Stuff To Look Forward To, February 2012

February 19, 2012

A lot of cool stuff for a warm February including new albums from Polysics, te’, L’arc~en~ciel, the telephones and Asparagus. Electronic act Jesse Ruins will be putting out their first EP on US label Captured Tracks as well. Don’t know what to get? The second volume in the Free Throw compilation series features 30 of the best indie acts in Japan.

2/01 The50Kaitenz- Rock’n’Roll Love Letter (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/01 butter butter- Recycle (CD Japan)

2/01 Triplane- V (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/01 Salyu- Lighthouse (CD Japan)

2/01 Spitz- Orutana (CD Japan)

2/02 SHANK- Wake me up when night falls again (CD Japan)

2/03 Veronica Veronico- Vero Und Nico (CD Japan)

2/08 6% is Mine- Idoltic Punk Covers (CD Japan)

2/08 ACIDMAN- The Best (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Apple Saito and the Happy Hercules Boys- S/T (CD Japan)

2/08 The Bawdies- Rock Me Baby (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Buzz the Bears- Sanjuso (CD Japan)

2/08 Calmera- Mix Modern Covers (CD Japan)

2/08 FLiP- Wonderland (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Jake stone garage- Feels (CD Japan)

2/08 hac0-mofu- Ashita kara Ganbaru (CD Japan)

2/08 Half-Life- replay (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 L’arc~en~ciel- Butterfly (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Meme- alku ringo (CD Japan)

2/08 mimitto- N!O! (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Porno Graffiti- 2012Spark (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Psysalia Psysalis Psyche- #7 (CD Japan)

2/08 ROACH- No Reason in the Pit (CD Japan)

2/08 Silent Siren- Saisai (CD Japan)

2/08 SR- Felicity (CD Japan)

2/08 VA- Free Throw Compilation Vol. 2 (CD Japan)

2/08 the telephones- D.E.N.W.A e.p. (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- on the remix (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

2/08 White Ash- Kiddie (CD Japan)

2/08 winnie- Forget me not (CD Japan, Play-Asia)

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