May 1, 2012

myspace band of the week

kyojaku (虚弱。) is an all girl post rock band with an average age of 21. The current lineup– Kana Tsuboichi (guitar), Miyuki Arai (Bass), Mana Kohno (drums) and Umi (piano)–reformed in 2008. They started to play live in 2009 and have been invited to many big festivals since. Their first CD-R Kabetosogy was released in 2008 and their second Donguribouya in 2009, both sold out. Kilk Records signed kyojaku. last year and released their first album Kokou No Gaden in March.

Kokou No Gaden is available now on iTunes and the CD will be available to purchase in America from Darla Records in June.


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