J-Rock Fridays Vol. 70

May 4, 2012

Warming up to the 70s.

ZeZeZaZa- “Ponpidon”

I still don’t know what a “ponpidon” is but it’s been redone in all its dreamy glory for ZeZeZaZa’s first official CD. Shoegaze is off to a good start this year with this and Plastic Girl In Closet.

Toru Hidaka and Fed Music- “The Long Good-Bye”

Any Beat Crusaders fans? Toru Hidaka joined up with some friends for a new album. Like GALLOW, this project has more of a retro/laid back feeling. It’s good to see some of that old Beat Crusaders humor at the end of this video.

Taffy- “So Long”

Not a whole lot of Japanese bands get a push in the Western market, so I was pleasantly surprised to find London based label Club AC30 signed Taffy. “So Long” was already released on glittery vinyl for Record Store Day and Club AC30 will put out Taffy’s full album next week.

Crossfaith- “Monolith”

Hardcore monoliths Crossfaith are back with a new EP that rocks so hard they get swallowed up in blackness!

SiM- “Amy”

SiM is back with another profanity laden video. This time they get a little girl to say “you dirty spic” and then she kills a guy and sets him on fire! Hahaha.

COgeNdshE- 錯乱

Watch the insect nod his head to some pretty vocals by Zankyo Records’ new signing COgeNdshE.

kataomoi- センチメンタル☆ジントーヨー

Now I know what band MC Sirafu is in. I just love songs with a lot of horns and saxophone and her “I love you” dance in the middle of the video is so cute. Wish I hadn’t missed out on this 7″.

The Love Ningen- “Koi ni Niteiru”

From horns and sax to some AWESOME violin. Finally, BIGMAMA’s got some competition!

andymori- “Hikari”

This week’s most Tumbled video! Nice haircuts? I don’t know.

The Flickers-  “lovender”

The Flickers are back with more electronic goodness. Although it gets monotonous, the singer lets out some well placed howls in the last minute.

DOACOCK- “It’s a pleasing day”

What an awkward band name! I guess that’s what happens when you party and drink beer all day.

tricot- “G.N.S”

The math rock parts remind a lot of LITE, but these three girls + drummer dude hold their own.

Man With A Mission- “Get Off of My Way”

The wolfmen are back with a brand new commercial for sparkling water Gerolsteiner. It’s so tasty the lab girls open their blouses and soak it in.

Liaroid Cinema- “inletPAGE”

SCREAM it from the rooftops! Sayonara!!


Band Links

andymori: web, CD Japan

Crossfaith: web, CD Japan

COgeNdshE: myspace CD Japan

DOACOCK: web, CD Japan

The Flickers: web, CD Japan

kataomoi: web, Jet Set

Liaroid Cinema: web, CD Japan

The Love Ningen: web, CD Japan

Man With A Mission: web

SiM: web, CD Japan

Taffy: web, Club AC30

Toru Hidaka and Fed Music: myspace, CD Japan

tricot: web, CD Japan

ZeZeZaZa: web, Amazon, CD Japan

See new video’s daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr!






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