J-Rock Fridays Vol. 71

May 18, 2012

Happy Friday.

mudy on the 昨晩- “PANIC ATTACK”

Mudy on the sakuban puts on a haunted house show for an unsuspecting couple. There’s a Sadako spoof from The Ring and probably more I’m not well versed in the horror genre. I think mudy is officially one of those bands we can count on for great videos.

sakanaction- “Boku to Hana”

And now for The Little Shop of Horros aka sakanaction’s new PV. A little slower than recent sakanaction singles with no great blowout like “Endless.”

Hideki Kaji- “B&W Marble Chocolate”

Hideki Kaji is bringing back some of that good old shibuya kei music. This reminds me a lot of the song about cheese tarts Hideki sang as Negishi on Detroit Metal City. Who doesn’t love sweets?

uchu-jin- “Moto Moto In the Room”

A video so strange it might as well have been made by space aliens! Always a fan of creepy animal masks and cute girl vocals.

EA- “Pitcha Pitcha”

Catchy new electropop duo featuring the half French/Japanese singer Maika Leboutet. Anyone remember the tangled mess of cassette/VHS tapes? What fun.

Broken Doll- “Reach For the Sky”

Broken Doll is so colorful! It’s nice to see a fashion-centric band centered on kawaii and not that visual kei stuff.

Shonen Knife- “Pop Tune”

30 years and still rocking! Not much going on here except yarn birds (put a bird on it!) but the girls can still belt out a good pop tune.

BUGY CRAXONE- “Hallelujah”

Handclaps are my kryptonite so praise be Bugy Craxone.

Nihon Madonna- “Band Yamero”

They’re Japanese alright but these bad girls sound nothing like Madonna!

KETTLES- 約束は覚えてる

Oh the joys a dog in the house can bring! I think I would rather walk that dog owner you know what I mean.

Keytalk- “Maboroshi Summer”

Keytalk on a talk show. What they’re talking about I don’t know but they leave plenty of time for performing summertime jams.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas- “Just Awake (English Version)”

This week’s most Tumbled video! Fear, and Loathing adds some English subtitles to this video so you could understand what they’re screaming. The song was actually used as the opening theme for the Hunter x Hunter reboot anime although the animation in this PV has nothing to do with it. I liked the original anime so maybe I’ll check out some of the new episodes on Crunchyroll.

Waka- “Dejavu”

Another video with English subtitles. Waka takes the more creative route, writing on phones and random scraps of paper and fruits.

go green- “Japanglish Rock”

What’s better, English or Japanese rock? Just have fun and listen to the music!


Band Links:

Bugy Craxone: web, CD Japan

Broken Doll: CD Baby, CD Japan

EA: web, CD Japan

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas: web, CD Japan

go green: web, CD Baby

Hideki Kaji: web, CD Japan

KETTLES: web, CD Japan

Keytalk: web, CD Japan

mudy on the sakuban: web, CD Japan

Nihon Madonna: myspace, CD Japan

sakanaction: web, CD Japan

Shonen Knife: web, CD Japan

uchu-jin: web, CD Japan

Waka: web, CD Baby

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