J-Rock Fridays Vol. 80

September 21, 2012

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Aureole- “Live Again”

Aureole released a ton of videos for their new album Reincarnation, which was released last week. “Live Again” was easily my favorite, with its fluttering flutes and mystical sword warrior. But songs like “Pass the Past” and “Suicide” promises a seriously pretty album also.

Hisashi Suto GATALI ACOUSTIC SET- “Weekend -Theme From the Great Escape-“

HiGE frontman Hisashi Suto decided to go solo, kind of, with his new project Gatali Acoustic Set, which makes no sense as this track is very electronic. No worries, the electronic beat is infectious, if a little melancholic and I really like the addition of the female vocalist. The two harmonize well together and the “aaaahs” in the background make the song.

Aural Vampire- “Soloween”

Aural Vampire has an early Halloween treat for us, a semi-animated video featuring monsters (kappas?) and stuff. Their music has always fitted the Halloween aesthetic and “Soloween” doesn’t break the mold, although I would have liked them do something like Kyary’s new video.

the HIATUS- “Superblock”

Just so you know, the HIATUS’s A World of Pandemonium was the band’s finest album to date and should’ve given them massive international exposure. Instead we get a video for “Superblock” with Takeshi Hosomi pissing in a toilet for its one year anniversary. It’s funny though!

the telephones- “Odoru ~朝が来ても~”

No one’s talking about the telephone’s new video. Did you all get tired of their disco music or is it the embarrassing dance moves? Sure, it’s no Gangnam Style, but at least they dressed up as anime characters (and Superman)!

Muddy Apes- “Get Going”

It’s another supergroup! Inoran from Luna Sea teamed up with Taka Hirose and Dean Tidey from Feeder and Maeson from 8otto for this alternative rock powerhouse.

ROACH- “High Five!!”

Roach drops the metal act on this song for a catchy punk rock chorus. It’s nice to see them high fiving each other and having a good time instead of screaming at each other.

te’ – 楽観の深奥で燻る魔は、万人が宿す普遍的無意識の『罪』の残滓。

The boys of te’ are back with another post-rock whirlwind with a long and untranslatable title. It’s short, fast, and to the point, which is why it still works unlike Mono who tries to stretch out their songs as long as possible. On a side note, did anyone know Zankyo has a UK division? They translated the song as “Magic smoulders in the depths of optimism as the remnant of “sin” conceived by the collective unconscious of a million people.” Still doesn’t make sense but hey, English!

Holidays of Seventeen- “Is This Love?”

Is this love or powerpop? HO17 vocalist finds his true love, but it wasn’t meant to be….

FEELFLIP- “I Want My Freedom Back”

What does FEELFLIP find buried in the woods? A bunch of creepy masquerade masks! The fun ska music cuts through this slightly spooky video, though.

CreepHyp- “Oyasumi Nakigoe, Sayonara Utahime”

CreepHyp reminds us that portable CD players still exist and they want you to buy a physical copy of their new single. There’s also a “making of” segment smack dab in the middle of this video. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

Start of the Day- “Paradise of Wonderland”

Did the Pixar movie Brave come out in Japan yet because that girl is the spitting image of Merida in this video. I was half expecting mama bear to come scampering through the forest but no luck there. SOTD explains they have a new fascination with Scandinavian post-rock in the description box so let’s just leave it at that.

tomy wealth- “Automatism feat. Tatsuro Mukai (from kamomekamome)”

I never understood why a drummer would want to release a solo album. Every song needs to be a collaboration to get any attention, which just sounds like a lot of work to me and must be why this album isn’t even coming out until sometime next year. Still, Tatsuro Mukai grooves well with tomy even though it might as well be another kamomekamome song.

Idiot Pop- “We Belong Together”

Normally it’s just capsule and 80kidz vying for best dance album, but Idiot Pop might trump the both of them this year. “We Belong Together” samples some soul song and just wraps around you like a warm hug. He also got a cute new idol group named Cover Girls to act (and kiss!) in this video. Sweet.


Band Links:

Aural Vampire: web, CD Japan

Aureole: web, CD Japan, Darla

CreepHyp: web, CD Japan


the HIATUS: web, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Hisashi Suto GATALI ACOUSTIC SET: web, CD Japan

Holidays of Seventeen: web, CD Japan

Idiot Pop: web, CD Japan

Muddy Apes: facebook, CD Japan, Play-Asia

Roach: web, CD Japan

Start of the Day: web, CD Japan

te’: web, bandcamp, CD Japan

the telephones: web

tomy wealth: web

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