J-Rock Fridays Vol. 84

November 16, 2012

I have run out of ways to tell you it’s Friday. In any case here’s your usual assortment of Japanese indie rock and even some rap!

Jesse- “Access Violation”

We just heard from RIZE last month but busy frontman Jesse McFaddin has his own solo album that apparently came out this week. Jesse has worked with rap groups before and also in RIZE but it seems like he’s going all out rap on his solo project. “Access Violation” still has a BACK-ON rock edge though. Check out his duet with American Idol finalist Julissa Veloz at SoundCloud.

The Beatmoss- “Flippin’ Out”

Unlike Jesse, rapper MC ILMARI is taking his break from Rip Slyme and using it to front brand new rock band The Beatmoss. That doesn’t mean the flow stops though. Ilmari still raps in “Flippin’ Out” but there’s a good rock chorus.

indigo la End- 「白いマフラー」

Bouncy blue balls! Indigo la end really loves the color blue and four minutes of this color scheme really is making me feel blue. Nice indie rock anyways…

Ken Yokoyama- “You and I, Against the World”

Ken Yokoyama as John Lennon? The J-punk rock legend is back with his fifth solo album and Yokoyama and his Ken band try to impersonate hippy Beatles. Not as funny as they intended but a positive message!

[Champagne]- “Starrrrrrr feat. GEROCK”

Gerolsteiner has a new sparkling water band for their Gerock promo series. It only seems natural Champagne would be picked at some point. I don’t know if this song has anything to do with water, but there’s sure a lot of bubbly imagery in classic Gerock fashion.

Monica Uranglass- “O/M/G”

Oh my goodness! Monica Uranglass is stuck in a spider web of neon lights! They still manage to provide the dance rock with some inexplicable Pacman sounds.

momo- “Tokyo Letter”

Momo is human after all and they will pull off their zoo animal masks to prove it. The guitar reminds me of the GTO theme song.

Nahavand- “Music”

Fun on the beach with Nahavand and machine guns! That might not be legal but you could totally download their EP for free, legally.

Band A- “Nanakuma Sen”

Band A, not C, must be ghosts as their girl friend can’t find them even when they’re standing in the same room. Not even the random dance number helps her out. Strange things happen on this train line.

MEANING- “Smile”

What is the meaning of this? I guess hardcore kids just want to smile sometimes too. And it’s hard not to crack a smile after he screams “grabbing my feet” a dozen times.

Yahchaika- “Kagami yo, Kagami”

Yahchaika is back, yo. In a house of mirrors. Will they shatter or show the true feelings in your heart?

uminote- 「もはや平和ではない」

Beware the random guitar-axe slayer! He’ll miss you by feet but play along and join his parade.


Band Links:

Band A: web, CD Japan

The Beatmoss: facebook, CD Japan

[Champagne]: web, Gerock

Jesse: web

Ken Yokoyama: web, CD Japan

indigo la End: web

MEANING: web, CD Japan

momo: web, CD Japan

Monica Uranglass: web, CD Japan

Nahavand: web

uminote: blogspot

Yahchaika: web, CD Japan

It means a lot to me when you vote! And see new videos daily at J-Rock Explosion’s Tumblr.

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