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Stuff To Look Forward To, January 2013

January 31, 2013

Stuff To Look Forward To is back for another year! This will mostly be an archive post for our Calendar page from now on.

1/06 Bo Ningen- Nichijyou (Amazon/Video)

1/09 Babymetal0 Ijimi, Dame, Zettai (CD Japan)

1/09 BiS and Dorothy Little Happy- Get You (CD Japan)

1/09 Boom Boom Satellites- Embrace (CD Japan)

1/09 Fear From the Hate- 1961 (CD Japan/Video)

1/09 ONE OK ROCK- Deeper Deeper/ Nothing Helps (CD Japan/Video)

1/11 Shintaro Sakamoto- Matomo ga Wakaranai (CD Japan/Video)

1/13 Otoboke Beaver- CD-R (Jet Set/Video)

1/15 Gagaga SP- Nichijyo Anarchyism (CD Japan/Video)

1/16 Aru Kankaku- Counter (CD Japan/Video)

1/16 Bad Attack- Imagined Scenery / Shinsho (CD Japan/Video)

1/16 The Bawdies- 1, 2, 3 (CD Japan/Video)

1/16 Clutcho- Flyleaf (CD Japan)

1/16 kuuchuusen- Progre (CD Japan/Video)

1/16 LASTGASP- Serendipity (CD Japan/Video)

1/16 Lumpsugar- Sound of Snow (Video)

1/16 Sawao Yamanaka- Answer (CD Japan/Video)

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