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mori wa ikiteiru

February 27, 2013

myspace band of the week


Mori wa ikiteiru is a folk band from Tokyo that formed in April 2012. Okada Takuro (guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo) started the band as an ambient project, as evidenced by the solo track on their myspace page. Eventually, mori wa ikiteiru became a full band that was more influenced by classic rock and folk music. The full lineup includes Takekawa Satoshi (vocal, guitar, bass, synth, percussion), Taniguchi Yu (piano, wurlitzer, organ, accordion), Kuyama Naomichi (bass, guitar, piano), Ookubo Junya (sax, flute, trumpet) and Masumura Kazuhiko (drums).

Their first CD-R Foam of the Daze was released in December and is available at Jet Set Records. You can listen to the first two tracks on SoundCloud. Read the rest of this entry ?


Stuff To Look Forward To, February 2013

February 27, 2013

Happy 6th anniversary, J-Rock Explosion!

2/06 Back Drop Bomb- 59days Preface (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 The Calendar of Happy Days- Feelback View (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 The Cro-Magnon- Yeti vs. Crogmagnon (CD Japan)

2/06 Dad Mom God- Broken Noses (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 Fujifabric- Small World (CD Japan)

2/06 Hotel Mexico- Her Decorated Post Love (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 indigo la End- Yoru ni Maho wo Kakerarete (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 Ito Shohei- We Are Young (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 Kinoko Teikoku- Eureka (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 My First Story- The Story Is My Life (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 My Hair Is Bad- Kino ni Naritake (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 Negoto- 5 (CD Japan)

2/06 Sekaiichi- and10 2003-2013 (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 sleepy.ab- Neuron (CD Japan/Video)

2/06 Tommy february6- Be My Valentine (CD Japan)

2/06 Unison Square Garden- Cider Road (CD Japan)

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