Stuff To Look Forward To, March 2013

March 29, 2013

3/02 yojik and wanda- Hey! Sa! (Jet Set/Video)

3/06 99RadioService- Star (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Analogfish- Newclear (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Brian the Sun- Baked Plum Cake (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 capsule- rewind Best-1 (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 capsule- rewind Best-2 (CD Japan)

3/06 Central 2nd Sick- Mixing (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 CreepHyp- Shakai no Mado (CD Japan)

3/06 The cold tommy- cold days, cold you (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Fujifabric- Voyager (CD Japan)

3/06 Gacharic Spin- Delicious (CD Japan/Video 1, Video 2)

3/06 Guitar Wolf- Yaju Vibrator (CD Japan)

3/06 illion- Ubu (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Four Get Me A Nots- Blinks (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Gesu no Kiwami Otome- Doress no Nugikata (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Kameleo- Sandwich Love (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 KARIBUxNOxKAIZOKU- World Is Yours (Video)

3/06 Keytalk- One Shot Wonder (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Neverlost- Neverlost (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Knock Out Monkey- Reality and Liberty (CD Japan)

3/06 NOA- Picture Diary (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Nothing’s Carved In Stone- Out of Control (CD Japan)

3/06 ONE OK ROCK- Jinsei x Boku (CD Japan/Video 1, Video 2)

3/06 Plagues- Swamp Riding (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 The Redemption- Rough Dance Convention (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 T.C.L- Tremendous Classixx (CD Japan/Video)

3/06 Where’s Andy- First Cry (CD Japan/Video)

3/08 Balzac- Black Out (CD Japan/Video)

3/09 Teen Runnings / Homecomings- Split 7″ (Jet Set/Video)

3/13 Art-School- The Alchemist (CD Japan)

3/13 Baddhist- Japonican Space Craft (CD Japan/Video)

3/13 Bigmama- Kimi Omou, Yue ni Ware Ari (CD Japan/Video)

3/13 BiS- BiSimulation (CD Japan/Video)

3/13 Haruka Miyuki- Mayonaka no Kotoba wa Aoi Doku ni Nari, Niburu Sekai ni Hiyari to Sasaru (CD Japan/Video)

3/13 Kuso Iinkai- Kuso Kenbunroku (CD Japan/Video)

3/13 Otoboke Beaver- 目撃! ラブミ~・サイン (Jet Set/Video)

3/13 sakanaction- sakanaction (CD Japan/Video)

3/13 sever black paranoia- East of Eden (CD Japan/Video)

3/15 serph- El Esperanka (Video)

3/15 sloppy joe- Once and For All (Bandcamp/Video)

3/19 Crossfaith- Zion EP US Edition (Omega Order)

3/19 Donatello- Table Salt (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 Buzz the Bears- Darlin’ (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 capella- Reminder (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 Civilian Skunk- Himawari / Jet (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Ninjayari Bang Bang (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 Last Alliance- Seventh Sense (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 Lyu:Lyu- Kimi to Boku to Sekai (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 Nile Long- Diggin’ It Up (CD Japan/Video 1/Video 2)

3/20 N’ SHUKUGAWA BOYS- Thank You!!! (CD Japan)

3/20 Passepied- Fever (CD Japan)

3/20 SiMoN- Dubai (Video)

3/20 Sunset Bus- Happy Hour (CD Japan/Video)

3/20 uminote- In Rainbow Tokyo (CD Japan/Video)

3/23 Her Name In Blood- The Beast EP (CD Japan/Video 1, Video 2)

3/25 SiMoN- A Cave of Squirrel (bandcamp)

3/27 ECD- The Bridge (CD Japan/Video)

3/27 FLOW- FLOW To the Max! (CD Japan)

3/27 Hige- Queens, Danke Schon Papa! (CD Japan)

3/27 NICO Touches the Walls- Mr.ECHO (CD Japan)

3/27 Predawn- A Golden Wheel (CD Japan/Video)

3/27 Radwimps- Dreamer’s High (CD Japan/Video)

3/27 sugardrop- Yeah Right (CD Japan/Video)

3/27 suzumoku- Cubism (CD Japan/Video)

3/27 the telephones- Keep Your DISCO!!! / Ring a Bell (CD Japan/Video)

3/27 T.S.R.T.S- Camp (CD Japan/Video)

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