J-Rock Fridays Vol. 95

April 19, 2013

Although this week’s storms and floods continue to knock off my internet connection every few minutes, it’s Friday and I have a thick stack of new J-Rock videos for you!

Bugy Craxone- “Iikagenna Blue”

Hello, darlings. Bugy Craxone has a charming new video in which they spell out the lyrics in cue cards and t-shirts. A lot of work went into timing this just to make you smile!

Gotch- “The Long Goodbye”

It’s been a while since I’ve cared for Asian Kung-Fu Generation, but Masafumi Gotoh’s solo project Gotch is a pleasant surprise. “The Long Goodbye” has a more chill approach than AKFG’s stuff and will be released as a 7″ for Record Store Day. Hopefully he’ll have a more substantial release in the future.

illion- “Beehive”

In other solo news, Radwimps’ Yojiro Noda has released his second illion video. “Beehive” is a creative piece with exploding fruits that swirl around like paint in this dusty studio apartment.

Grapevine- “1977”

Graceful hand movements permeate the darkness in Grapevine’s “1977.” The vocalist looks tired, but doesn’t flinch when the hands cover up his face and swallows him whole.

Kana-Boon- ないものねだり

Look at this bored couple as they struggle through slurping noodles and conversation when all he wants to do is eat birthday cake and rock with his mates. It’s a douche move to run off on your girl like that, but she seemed like a nag anyway.

Lady Flash- “Mother2”

Lady Flash the video game! The vocalist is getting into it, but the rest of the band rather play beach ball with the pretty ladies.

Good Morning America- “Mirai E No Spiral”

Good Morning America has a catchy new song about spirals and the video is raining down things that Japan thinks Americans love, like machine guns and processed meats. I wouldn’t mind having a knight’s helmet in my library, though.

D.I.D.- “The Point of No Return”

Finally found a video the Tumblr kids enjoy! “The Point of No Return” sounds a lot like Withering to Death-era Dir en grey and I’m A.O.K. with that.

Vibedred- “Welcome To My World”

Welcome to Vibedred’s world of upside down skyscrapers and falling elephants and moose. It reminds me a lot of Ichigo’s bankai world in Bleach, but doesn’t drag on for hundreds of episodes.

Taffy- “Snowberry”

Brit-pop J-rockers taffy has a new album coming out in the UK this summer. “Snowberry” is the leading single and will also be released on a 7″ with a Cure cover in May, but you can head over to Facebook and download it now.

The Midnight TV Programs- “MR.POPPER pt.2”

Forget Mr. Popper and his penguins, The Midnight TV Programs brings back classic rock and roll in this poppy tune. Back in the old days, musicians wore suits and made happy music.

Sister Jet- “Liberty City Machine Gun”

A lot of talk of vinyl this column and Sister Jet has an impressive vintage collection in their new video alongside other knick-knacks and foot-tall burgers. No machine guns, though!

the band apart- “Node”

Whoa. The band apart’s fast rocking singles have always been the best and “Node” is no exception.


Band Links

the band apart: web, CD Japan

Bugy Craxone: web, CD Japan

D.I.D.: web, CD Japan

Gotch: Twitter, Jet Set

Good Morning America: web, CD Japan

Grapevine: web, CD Japan

illion: web, CD Japan

Kana-Boon: web, CD Japan

Lady Flash: web, CD Japan

The Midnight TV Programs: web, CD Japan

Sister Jet: web, CD Japan

taffy: web

Vibedred: web, CD Japan

The fin easily won last week’s poll with nearly 40 votes, twice as much as I get total every other column. That’s what I like to see! Get your fans involved, bands. And follow our Tumblr. I’m tired.

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