Stuff To Look Forward To, April 2013

April 30, 2013

4/02 30%Less Fat- Bejifujin (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Biidoro- Mata Ashita ne (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 [Champagne]- Forever Young (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Three Lights Down Kings- Brain Washing (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Dir en grey- The Unraveling (CD Japan)

4/03 DIV- Taste of Life (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 In 197666- (No) My Destiny (Video)

4/03 The Love Ningen- Songs (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 phatmans after school- Media Literacy (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 The SALOVERS- Yuka ni wa Kimi no Cardigan (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Sei with Master of Ram- A Sheep (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 SiM- EViLS (Video)

4/03 Scars Borough- Nineteen Percent (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 SiM- EViLS (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Super Beaver- Sekai ga Me wo Samasunonara (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Tamaki Roy- Lucky (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 uhnellys- Screamer EP (CD Japan/Video)

4/03 Vibedred- Ark (CD Japan/Video 1, Video 2)

4/05 Gellers- 咲きっぽ

4/10 amazarashi- Ne Mama Anata no Iutori (CD Japan)

4/10 Balloon88- Connect (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Duff- Master Peace (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Ego Wrappin- Steal A Person’s Heart (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Enth- Get Started Together (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Etsuko Yakushimaru- Radio Onsen Eutopia (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Hot Dog- Kicks (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Kiyoshi Sugo- All in Black (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Ling Tosite Sigure- i’mperfect (CD Japan)

4/10 The Local Art- Ningen Shikkaku (CD Japan)

4/10 Lost In Time- Trust Over Thirty (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 meme- Acqua Alta (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Sebastian X- Hibari Opera (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Silent Riren- Start (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 The Starbems- Future Primitive EP (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Unist- One Day (CD Japan/Video)

4/10 Yellow Gang- Change the Regret to Bread (CD Japan/Video)

4/13 Lady Flash- Tsuyokute New Game (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 Buddha Slave- Quarter Men (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 coldrain- The Revelation (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 Country Yard- Quark (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 D.I.D.- The Point of No Return (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 frAgile- Fushidara Spider (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 The Gelpins- Iinoyo Betsu ni (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 The Midnight TV Programs- Yeah (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 Orange Range- Oboro na Ageha / Moshimo (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 Pirokalpin- Rock Star to Maho no Lamp (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 Quinka, with a Yawn- Sayonara Tristesse (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 The Radiocassettes- Manma! (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 Sakanamon- Signal Man (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 the telephones- Laugh, Cry, Sing…And Dance!!! (CD Japan/Video)

4/17 TWO-nothing- Save Us Regions (Video)

4/18 Egg Brain- Push (CD Japan/Video)

4/20 Gotch (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)- The Long Goodbye 7″ (Jet Set/Video)

4/20 Ska Freaks- Spit It Out (Video)

4/21 Within The Last Wish- Still Talk About a Dream (Video)

4/24 Alsdead- Separator (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 the band apart- Machi no 14kei (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Before My Life Fails- (For) Lorn (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Caucus- Colors (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Clutcho- Battle Spirits Sword Eyes (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Dohatsuten- (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 a flood of circle- Dancing Zombiez (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Grapevine- Orokana Mono no Kataru Koto (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 HeavensDust- The Ashes Still Warm (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Kana-Boon- Boku ga CD wo Dashitara (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 kuh- Musik Anatomia (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 NICO Touches the Walls- Shout to the Wall! (CD Japan)

4/24 Ska Ska Club- New Hope (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 Toshi Record- Road to You (CD Japan/Video)

4/24 tricot- 99.974℃ (CD Japan/Vide0)

4/25 Veronica Veronico- Amaryllis (CD Japan)

4/27 Madegg- Kiko (CD Japan/Video)


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