J-Rock Fridays Vol. 99

June 14, 2013

Primetime 99. Only one more column until we hit triple digits!

Language- “Hikari”

It’s the end of the world and only two people are left alive! It’s easy to forget that this is a video about the undead apocalypse once the gorgeous vocals of “Hikari” fade in and the girl wanders off into rural Japan, but the lovers’ tragic fate is just as beautiful as everything before it.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- “Diamond In Your Heart feat. Takeshi Hosomi”

Long-running Japanese ska band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, who I just found out played Coachella a couple of months ago, has teamed up with the HIATUS’ Tekeshi Hosomi for their latest single. It’s the kind of positive song Hosomi used to sing back in Ellegarden, but with a with a lot of great horns in the background.

SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS and Shiina Ringo- “Koroshiya Kiki Ippatsu”

Two epic J-Rock collaborations in one week! Shiina Ringo is free to do as she pleases now that Tokyo Jihen is done and here she is jazzing it up with the SOIL&”PIMP” boys on a boat. Everyone’s an assassin and we might not make it to dinner in the captain’s quarters.

Spangle call Lilli line- “Nano (TK Kaleidoscope Remix)”

For their second best of album, SCLL asked a bunch of their friends to remix their classic track “Nano” for the bonus disc. TK’s “Keleidoscope” remix adds some more guitar and drums to the mix, but mainly lets the gentle vocals take center stage as in the original. So don’t expect any screaming or guitar freakouts like in TK’s main project, Ling tosite sigure.

Czecho No Republic- “Festival”

Czecho No Rebublic’s newest member didn’t have much to do on their last single “Ivory” asides from shaking a tamborine, but her sweet vocals and stage presence in “Festival” easily steal the show.

Hotel New Tokyo- “Succession”

It’s Dance Off Fridays with Hotel New Tokyo and special co-host, Yuuki Byrnes! “Succession” has a nice driving dance beat with some classy jazz horns sprinkled in. I’m not going to learn the moves, but it’s one of the few “dance” videos as of late that actually feels appropriate.

Scenarioart- “White Raincoat Man”

Scenearioart has created another dystopian animated adventure for the man in the white raincoat. Is he an angel or just another lost soul in the world?

Rottengraffty- “Stay Real”

It’s hard to keep it real when you’re tied up in a straightjacket, but at least this crazy chick has the electro-metal stylings of Rotten G to keep her company, including the all important dubstep drop.

Tetsuko- “Candy Guitar”

Would you like a guitar made out of candy? It might get sticky in the sun, so Tetsuko just brought their striped guitar to the beach. That doesn’t mean they can’t have lollipop breaks!

Passepied- “S.S”

The Powers Rangers pretend fight in Passepied’s poppy new single. They don’t get any heroic moments, but the Rangers still mesmerize me 20 years later…

Comeback My Daughters- “21 Years Old”

Oddly enough, “21 Years Old” is the first song Comeback My Daughters wrote in Japanese (probably Columbia’s idea). That means that lyrically I can’t connect with this song at all, but there’s enough “ooohs” and nostalgic piano to take me back to a much earlier time.

Suichu Zukan- “Tobikome!!”

If Comeback My Daughters didn’t take you back, Suichu Zukan’s VHS styled PV most certainly will. Maybe I’ll find some cool Japanese videos the next time I’m bargain hunting at Goodwill.


Band Links

Comeback My Daughters: web, CDJapan

Czecho No Republic: web

Hotel New Tokyo: web, CD Japan

Language: web, CD Japan

Passepied: web, CD Japan

Rottengraffty: web, CD Japan

Scenarioart: web, CD Japan

SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS and Shiina Ringo: web, CD Japan

Spangle call Lilli line: web, CD Japan

Suichu Zukan: web, CD Japan

Tetsuko: web, Jet Set

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: web, CD Japan

Next week’s videos

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