J-Rock Fridays Vol. 100

June 28, 2013

Did I really write 100 of these things? Thanks for sticking around these past four years and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

andymori- “Neverland”

In a few short months, andymori will be gone forever, so they might as well start pumping out those music videos now. “Neverland” is presented as a short film, and tells the story of adult size Peter Pan. While Captain Hook adjusts to the corporate life, Pan continues on his childish exploits even after losing the ability to fly. All it takes is a child to believe in him!

sakanaction- “Inori (Extended Mix)”

In case you’ve only been keeping up with sakanaction through their singles, they’ve been including one track over their past few albums that is much more dance than rock. “Inori” is from this year’s self titled album and is being released as an extended mix on vinyl. This may be a boring black and white video with the band standing around with their Macbooks, but I assure you this is one for the clubs!

Czecho No Republic- 「1人のワルツ」

Czecho No Republic heads to the country for the second video off their Tower Records exclusive single. They meet some llamas and ostriches but mostly sing and dance all happy like in the park.

uminote- “Sayonara Baby Blue”

This girl either really likes sunrises or is about to kill herself. Probably the latter once you see her tear-soaked face, but I think you fellas will enjoy her decision.

Merpeoples- “Silent Sleep”

Mysterious black-cloaked figures are haunting the adorable Merpeople girls in their dreams! My grandma always used to say cats are really witches in disguise and I think that’s the problem here.

Nahavand- “Soul Dwells In Style feat. The Cigavettes”

Rap rockers Nahavand have teamed up with Britpop rockers The Cigavettes in this around the town video. The song is free to download on their website, along with their excellent first two EPs.

[Champagne]- “Stimulator”

Sometimes in Japan you have to shrink down to Borrower size to find a place for your band to play. Will Champagne finish their song before the big, bad businessman finds them or wind up eating a plate of speecy spicy spaghetti?

The Natsuyasumi Band- “Summer Zombie”

A zombie is exactly how I feel on hot summer days like these, but TNB brightens the day with this easy breezy pop song with gorgeous steelpan by MC.sirafu (I’ve been wondering when we’re going to hear from him this year).

BiS- “Mura-Mura”

Since I’ve already started talking about pop music, here’s the new ska-punk single from the unconventional idol unit BiS. “Mura-Mura” pokes fun at the AKB48 boyfriend scandal from earlier this year, while doing other grotesque things with genitalia.

kindan no tasuketsu- “Pina Colada”

Note: just because pina coladas are sweet doesn’t mean they’re not loaded alcohol! Kindan no tasuketsu celebrates the opening of their bandcamp with the release of a brand new EP. Although their previous material was more of a mixed bag in terms of genres, Illuminations, Satellite Heart explores the electronic side of kindan.

Urbangarde- “Tokai no Alice”

Urbangarde catches up with some schoolgirls in the desert and makes a dance video. No matter how cute and innocent it looks, I don’t think Jim Carrey would approve.

Cold Name- “Fear of Sheryl”

Jesse Ruins have been making a name for themselves in the western blogosphere with their unique blend of unsettling vocals and dance music. Noboyuki Sakuma’s solo project is a much creepier affair that would make a perfect soundtrack to a serial killer film.


Band Links

andymori: web, CD Japan

BiS: web, CD Japan

[Champagne]: web, CD Japan

Cold Name: web, Living Tapes

Czecho No Republic: web

kindan no tasuketsu: web, bandcamp

Merpeoples: web

Nahavand: web

The Natsuyasumi Band: web, CD Japan

sakanaction: web, Jet Set Records

uminote: web, CD Japan

Urbangarde: web, CD Japan

I could stay for a million years

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