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Large House Satisfaction

July 31, 2013

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Large House Satisfaction is a garage rock trio made up of brothers Youji (vocals, guitar) and Kenji Kobayashi (bass) and Shusaku Tanaka (drums). Kenji and Shusaku started the band in 2005 while they were still in high school. They released their first album in 2009 and attracted attention with their participation in the 25th Anniversary The Blue Hearts tribute album. They signed to Garuru Records and released their second album High Voltex in 2012 and their third album In the Dark Room earlier this month. Check out their real estate at CD Japan.

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J-Rock Archives: July 2013

July 31, 2013

7/03 The ChronoHEAD- Curiosity (Video)

7/03 Comeback My Daughters- Mire (CD Japan/Video 1, Video 2)

7/03 dustbox- Care Package (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Gackt- Best of the Best Vol. 1 Mild (CD Japan)

7/03 Gackt- Best of the Best Vol. 1 Wild (CD Japan, Video)

7/03 GalapogosS- Run Like Fury (CD Japan)

7/03 Lagitagida- Tutela (Video)

7/03 Liquid- Indigo Harbor (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Machibuse- Hitsuji Kazoeru Okami (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Mix Market- Whammy (Video)

7/03 My First Story- Saishukai (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Muddy Apes- Fairly Dirt No. 5 (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 The Natsuyasumi Band- Summer Zombie (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 ROYZ- Egoist (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Smash Up- Smash Up (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- Diamond In Your Heart (CD Japan/Video 1, Video 2)

7/03 Toremono- TropiCarnival (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Vamps- Ahead / Replay (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 umbrella- Monochrome (CD Japan/Video)

7/03 Under Graph- 7+one Oto no Irodori (CD Japan/Video)

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