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August 29, 2012

myspace band of the week

13ROUND is a “SoCal” punk rock band from Tokyo. The band was formed by AKI4NIA (vocals, guitar) and Ikumi (drums) in 1999 and now includes Kou (bass), Mukey (guitar) and Tommy (guitar). Their sound combines hardcore punk with ska and reggae, not unlike Rancid. Aki’s work at a custom hot rod shop has also factored in to his song writing and band imagery.

After a mini-album and split EP with The Cherry Coke$, 13ROUND released their first album 1Min, 4Secondz, 2Long Town in 2005 and went on hiatus shortly after. Aki has played in various punk bands since, including 4EVERZ with Ikumi and Kou. In 2011, 13ROUND got back together and released a new single “Sunshine Bus.” They are currently recording their second album Dreamin’ of Liberty. Pick up 1Min, 4Secondz, 2Long Town at CD Japan.

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