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Shugo Tokumaru’s band is back together

March 2, 2011

Gellers is best known for being the band Shugo Tokumaru is in, if they’re known at all. They’ve been on hiatus since 2008 when Shugo’s solo career went boom. Activities resumed at the Fuji Rock Festival in 2010. They have a new “big single” coming out April 15 called ガテマラ (Guatemala), their first release since their self-titled album in 2007. It includes three new songs and four live ones.

Shugo takes vocals on “Guatemala” and it’s as catchy as anything on Port Entropy. The PV is pleasantly bizarre with a strange scarecrow walking around in Guatemalan garb. I see they took Portlandia’s suggestion and put a bird on their microphones. Excellent.


Back from the ether: Lily Chou-Chou

December 8, 2010

All About Lily Chou-Chou house band Lily Chou-Chou is back with their first song in 9 years.  エーテル (Ether) was released today as a digital single and here’s the PV to go along with it.  Dreamy and epic, “Ether” fills in the void missing all these years with a hint of lemon zest.  Let’s hope Salyu and company don’t drop this collaboration for another decade.


FACT is back

November 25, 2009

If you’re wondering what’s up with these “is back” posts, especially since it hasn’t even been a year since FACT’s “debut” album, I’m just lazy.  And I wanted to post this before anyone else.  In the blink of an eye will be released in Japan on January 13 in both CD and CD+DVD+comic versions.  The album was produced by Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette and mastered by Ted Jenson just like their debut.  No word on when Vagrant will release this in the US.

The following is a sample clip from “Slip of the lip,” their new single that will be released digitally on December 16.

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my little airport is back

November 22, 2009

Chinese twee-poppers my little airport are back with their fourth album Poetics- Something Between Montparnasse and Mongkok.  The album was released out of nowhere on Friday in Hong Kong.  Nicole and P are back with their usual vocal and songwriting duties, along with some other people.  That’s about all I could get out of Google Translator.  If their past albums and “Donald Tsang, please die” are any indication, you can expect another priceless album with hilarious lyrics sung in English, Chinese, and sometime French.

The album can be had relatively cheap at YesAsia.  You can also pick up their first two albums Becoz I Was Too Nervous At That Time or The Ok Thing to Do On Sunday Is to Toddle in the Zoo for cheaper at CD Baby.

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the HIATUS is back

November 17, 2009

ELLEGARDEN fans are going to have to wait a little longer for their comeback album.  The first EP from the HIATUS titled Insomnia will come out in Japan tomorrow.  It features three new songs.  The songs are a little darker than what we heard on Trash We’d Love, and feature more violins and heavier piano.  The video above is for “Antibiotic,” an unprecedented ambient/electronic track from the band.  Looks like Takeshi Hosomi was listening to too much Radiohead this time around.


toe new album “For Long Tomorrow”

November 6, 2009

Toe will break their 3 year silence with their second album For Long Tomorrow on December 9.  The band will self-release this album on their record label Machupicchu Industrias.  From the sound of it, the album will be more chill, but that doesn’t explain the moshing in the video!

edit (12/9/2009):

Because this post has received an insane amount of views within the past week, I thought I’d let you know I have it, but I’m not sharing.  Enjoy their new PV for “After Image” instead.


noughts & exes is back

October 24, 2009

It’s hard being an overseas fan of HK indie music.  Bands can break up and reform and we’d be none the wiser.  Such is the case with noughts & exes.  Shortly after the release of their debut album (released last year by Omerta Group), Joshua and Gideon were the only band members left.  But earlier this year they reformed with a random white dude and two attractive women.  I learned all of this on Facebook in the last hour.

Joshua and Gideon decided to rebuild the band from the ground up and focus on a more intimate and natural sound.  The new line-up consists of Kerrie-Ann on vocals and glockenspiel, Marianne on cello, and Alex on drums.  The band is currently writing new songs and is set to play the Clockenflap festival. Below is a new song from the band: