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Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

July 9, 2007

 Al Gore’s Live Earth 2007 project was broadcast live on the internet and TV Friday night thru Saturday.  MSN has the entire concerts available to stream by artist and by song.  Japan was broken up into 2 sections, Tokyo and Kyoto.  Linkin Park and a few American rappers somehow made their way into the Tokyo concert, I would guess that they were touring in the country the same time.  I only got to see parts of the RIZE and Genki Rockets concerts previously when it was broadcasted live but there’s a few other’s I’m interested in.  Hopefully they’ll keep it up long enough for me to do so!


-Abingdon Boys School (rock side project of TM Revolution’s vocalist)




-Genki Rockets (dance, jpop)

-Koda Kumi (jpop)

-Otsuka Ai

-RIZE (punk)


-Bonnie Pink (jpop)

-Rip Slyme (rap)

-Yellow Magic Orchestra (old school electro)