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August 4, 2010

myspace band of the week

“Why are they called Quattro though they are 5?”  The video for “Magic J” never answers the question, but I went ahead and listened to some more Quattro.

Quattro is a four or five-piece (their myspace lists four members at this point) indie band from Tokyo.  They’ve put out two albums and an EP on LilBallet.  Their latest album Where Is The Coconuts? …Ha? came out earlier this year and it’s a lot of fun.  Samples of all eleven songs are up on myspace.

Their sound can best be described by observing what’s on their album cover: five dudes standing under palm trees.  Some of the songs have a Brit pop flair, such as the excellent single “Time, Time, Time” while others such as “Question #7” and “For All We Done” are straight up country.  The kind of album you play as you spread out on your hammock and enjoy an ice cold Popsicle.

Their English isn’t perfect.  Their grammatical disaster of an album title should be proof of that.  But the charm is still there.  And if Takeshi Iwamoto works on it a LilBit I’m sure they’ll find success overseas.

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